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Your Blackberry goes off in a meeting. You wait to check it, thinking it is that important e-mail you are waiting for, only to find it's another SPAM advertisement.

So you have SPAM software that uses rules to move suspected SPAM to a folder in your mail program. The only problem is, it's still making your Blackberry or Smartphone go off every time a SPAM e-mail arrives.

Make SPAM a thing of the past. We'll point your mail to our remote SPAM filter servers, quaranteen the SPAM, and send only the valid e-mails back to your mail server. The SPAM is stopped BEFORE it makes it to your server. No more unwanted e-mails on your Smartphone or e-mail client.

We'll host and manage enterprise-quality anti-spam software on a remote centralized server to screen for SPAM, malware and viruses before they reach your internal communications network or website. Our service saves your bandwidth capacity and blocks Internet and e-mail trash from reaching employee computers or portable devices. You can also "always allow" or "always reject" specific e-mail addresses, domains and senders, commonly known as black-listing and white-listing.

Think it is expensive? Think again.

For only $12/year, (yes, only $1 a month), per mailbox, you can kiss SPAM goodbye forever.

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