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Backup Solutions

Your backup... Will it fail during restore?

Today's business depends on technology. In fact, we rely on our digital tools so much that 70% of businesses suffering catastrophic data loss go out of business within 1 year.

Backup Do you know if your data is backed up? Can your system be fully restored painlessly or will it trickle in piecemeal for you to rebuild?

eProsper™ will lift the IT burden from your shoulders.  It's all about peace of mind.  Our backup solutions can be tailored to your company's needs, whether that's full weekly backups, differential daily backups or hourly transaction support.
Best of all, our e-mail reports will keep you informed about the backup status of your system so you can rest easy knowing your backups have got you covered.

In the News

eProsperTM Inc. becomes member of Microsoft Partner Network, enhancing our capabilities to deliver quality Microsoft solutions.
eProsperTM Inc. launches their new website and a customer dashboard service that monitors your servers in real-time, automatically e-mailing you if there is a problem.
eProsperTM Inc. goes “Live” with Canadian Payment Processor, Beanstream Electronic Payment Processing.
eProsperTM Inc. migrates their office to Microsoft Windows 8.
eProsperTM Inc. launches file transfer site eprosper.wetransfer.com.
eProsperTM Inc. tests Open Source ZenCart eCommerce solutions.
eProsperTM Inc. proud to support DJ Extensions for their great DJ Catalog Joomla module.