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Managed Services

BackupWhat is an MSP?

MSP stands for "Managed Service Provider".  An MSP is a third-party company that provides network-based monitoring, patching, maintenance, applications and security solutions.

They monitor all of your network hardware and software, keep it consistently patched against the latest threats, and provide applications such as anti-virus, anti-malware and backup in the solution with centralized management/monitoring.  Essentially, they make sure your systems are online, fully patched and secure.


Break/fix response vs. Pro-active support.  What is the difference?

Are you tired of IT "emergencies" with systems failing at the most inopportune moment?  It's all about focus.

The old-school break/fix IT model focuses on you being down to make money.  The more your system breaks, the more money they make.  Everything is "rush" with high costs.

Pro-active support through an MSP on the other hand, focuses on you being up in order to be profitable.  

This focus on up-time benefits everyone through reduced expense.  You receive alerts long before hardware or systems fail, so you can plan maintenance in advance, when it fits best in your schedule, and won't affect production.  A relaxed, scheduled approach allows you to avoid last-minute "emergency" costs, and maximizes "up-time."


Why choose eProsper as your Managed Services Provider?

Up until now, you could only receive this level of support if you were a Fortune 500 company.
eProsper will give you Enterprise-level support, but at a cost that small and medium sized businesses can fit into their budgets.  This level of support is rarely available from a local provider, so on-site support is a concern.  eProsper supports the local area in Ontario including Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, York Region, Newmarket, Bradford, Innisfil and Barrie.  eProsper provides advanced Pro-Active Managed Services.  Your equipment is monitored 24/7.  We have support personnel in Canada and the United States.  You also get access to a team of over 600 specialist Engineers and Technicians at our partner's Network Operations Centre in Mumbai.


Intelligent Monitoring:

Hardware monitoring (including pre-failure warnings)

Software monitoring

Anti-virus monitoring (updates and status)

Anti-malware monitoring (updates and status)

Backup monitoring (Daily, hourly, or more frequently as required)



Desktop security scans



Intelligent Microsoft patching

Intelligent 3rd-party patching

Temp file clean-up, performance tuning

Client communicator



Customized Reporting examples:

Management report

Hardware inventory

Software inventory

Patch compliance

Bacup status


Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware:

Our Managed Services include centralized anti-virus and anti-malware solutions with monitoring and alerting.  We proactively respond to any workstations with outdated virus signatures.  Although rare, virus-cleanup is included should you catch a zero-day virus that the anti-virus companies have not yet heard about.


Backup and Disaster Recovery, with Backup Virtualization:

Most backups fail.  Period.  Ask anyone who has lost their business data how their backup performed?
Most say they "thought" their backup system was working fine, until they actually needed it.

Our backup solution is best-in-breed.   We install an appliance on-site that makes a perfect clone of your servers, and then only backs up the block-level changes at the increments you choose.  This means if you change one word in a document, only that "changed" word is backed up the second time, not the whole file.  

At any time, you can boot-up a virtual replica of your server from any point in history.  You can access the files, and even put the "virtual" server online if your production server has failed.

We even offer a cloud replication service so if your premises is destroyed, you have access to all your files up to that moment from the cloud.  We have the ability to restore this cloud image to dissimilar hardware, and have you back up and running immediately.

This is a true disaster recovery plan with multiple redundancy.  Don't trust your critical business data with a sub-standard backup solution.  Trust eProsper.

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