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Point of Sale Registers

Point of Sale Registers using FREE software - SAVE BIG $$$.

eProsper™ offers amazing rates on retail barcode-ready, point-of-sale terminals and restaurant touch-screens. We'll help you use your existing computer hardware, and leverage our buying power to get great rates on scanners, receipt printers and pole displays. We utilize FREE point-of-sale software to get you a system up and running for a fraction of the cost.

Great prices on POS hardware

Use our buying power to get great deals on POS hardware, such as...


Price check or inventory inquirey? Just point & click the barcode scanner.

eProsper™ can convert your old PC into a POS terminal. We can use your existing computer hardware and add on a bar-code scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer and pole display.POS We then configure free Point of Sale (POS) software, and train you on the easy-to-use software.

No more errors keying in each price tag, or mis-categorizing a sale. Just point the scanner, and the register will display the price and description for you.

Scans all standard UPC symbols and allows you to make your own bar-codes for home-made goods or items sold in bulk.

Detailed receipts with your company name printed at the top, and easy built-in inventory and reorder reports all come standard.



Touch-screen - Take the stress out of a busy kitchen.POS_Touchscreen

You'll be amazed at HOW EASY IT IS to process orders using touch-screen technology. We can draw a floor-plan with your restaurant's table layout to POS_Touchscreen2make it easier for staff keep track of orders.

Need a separate printer at the bar, and another in the kitchen to print orders? We can do that.

Want a display screen beside the cook, displaying the orders to be made? We can do that too.

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